Hidden Dragon Karate has helped both my boys with their concentration, focus, and confidence.  Sensei Rod not only teaches Martial Arts but teaches the children to incorporate their Martial Arts into everyday life.  I have definitely seen a huge improvement in both my boys!  Thanks!

Colleen Ishieb

I wanted my daughter to get involved in something and she took a class and loved it.  She's only three but looks forward to her Saturday classes.

Katie's Mom

Hidden Dragon Karate is a GREAT school.  My son Gage's confidence has increased tremendously.  Sensei Rod is Awesome!  He is funny and great with the students.  Gage loves him and has huge respect for him.

Terry & Gage

I attended Kickboxing classes for about a year and then switched to karate classes.  I've lost weight and gained strength, flexibility and endurance.  Now my two boys attend karate classes too and they love it.

Chris P. Age 47

Hidden Dragon Karate is a wonderful school, we had our son enrolled in another Martial Arts school for about a year.  However, we were treated as a cash cow, money for this, money for that.  It turned out to be more of a day care than a Karate School.  However, Hidden Dragon is a real Martial Arts school with great qualified instructors and Sensei Rod is just wonderful and a positive role model for our son.  After one year we finally found a real Martial Arts school.

  Regards, Mrs. Sikarta,
  Proud Mother

My son attends Hidden Dragon and it has been an extremely positive experience for him.  At Hidden Dragon they not only focus on karate but on respect, responsibility, confidence, and taking responsibility for your actions.  They even show interest in your child's school and grades.  The instructors are kind and make sure each and every child is getting the necessary instruction.  My son has become a better young man since attending Hidden Dragon and everyone there makes him feel welcomed and proud of his accomplishments both in and out of karate class.  I highly recommend Hidden Dragon to anyone and everyone.

  Kristi Burke
(Gavins Mom)

My favorite about karate is combination 6C . Sensei Rod is a great  teacher.

                                                                                                                                                       Jacob, age 5


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