Rod Fuller
Grand Master
Grand Master Fuller
Chief Instructor and founder of Hidden Dragon Karate. 

8th Degree Black Belt Master in the art of Shaolin Kempo Karate,
and 2nd Degree Black Belt in JuJitsu, with over  35 years of

               Some of his many accomplishments:

-2019  Selected as  Asst. Coach U.S. National Karate Team

-2016 Connecticut State Director for the USA Martial Arts

-2013  Senior Coach U.S. National  Martial Arts Team
-2011 & 2012 Outstanding Community Service Award

-2009 Inducted into Action Magazine Martial Arts Hall of Fame 

-2009 & 2013 Martial Arts Master of the Year  

-2008 , 2011 &  2013 National Martial Arts School of the Year 
-Doctorates in Martial Arts Philosophy & Martial Arts Science;
       Ph.D / Ma.D.Sc. from the University of Asian Martial Arts Studies               

-2008 & 2010  Asst. Coach U.S. National Martial Arts Team

-2007 & 2012 Shaolin Kempo Master of  the Year   

-2006 Congressional Medal of Distinction Presented by the US Congress

-2006 Recipient of the Ronald Reagan Gold Medal  for Outstanding Community

-2005 Inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame 

-2005 & 2010 Martial Arts Instructor of the Year
-2004, 2006 , 2010 , 2012 & 2016 Recipient of the  National Leadership Award  
        presented by the United States Congress

-2004 Inducted into the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of  Fame

-2004 & 2010  Shaolin Kempo Instructor of the Year
-State Representative for the World Martial Arts Alliance

-Member of the National Black Belt Ranking Board

-Co-Chairman Connecticut Business Advisory Council